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  • Mrs. R.

    Do you have any math book recommendations for preschoolers?

    Thank you for your time, Mrs. R.

  • Caramia

    Hi. How do I get your stuff sent to my email? Is it possible? Thanks for posting on peach.

  • Kelly

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog? Thanks!

  • Elainna Simpson

    Hi, I was trying out your program for Algebra and was doing the first worksheet. As I was checking my answers I noticed that I had gotten some wrong so I re-did them to see if i could work them out on my own. I still got the same answers so I asked my older brother who has done Algebra already to help me out. He also came to the same conclusion. These questions were: 1. in the graph 2x+4 and 2. the area question. Please contact me back about this, thanks.

    • stan0403


      I think I understand which problems you were having trouble with. If not, let me know.

      Lesson A.1.1 Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

      Prob # 1: Evaluate 2(z + 4) when z = 5

      2(5 + 4) = 2(9) = 18

      Prob #2: A = b * h
      A = x * x
      A = 9 sq in
      x * x = 9 sq in
      x = 3 in

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